Cascade Fire & Safety acquired by SeaWestern Inc.

We want to personally announce that our company, Cascade Fire & Safety / Cascade Fire Equipment Corporation, has been acquired by SeaWestern Inc. effective 3/1/24.

In making the decision to sell our business, we wanted to make certain that the acquiring company would be one to maintain the reputation and goal that we at Cascade have managed to build over the last 80 years, supporting employee continuity along with growth potential and continued service and support to our Valued Partners.

Similar to Cascade Fire, SeaWestern is a family-owned business that has a mission statement of “Quality Products with Service After the Sale.” They have proven over the past 45 years of being in business to be a good contributing partner to the fire service community in the Northwest.

Currently SeaWestern is in their 2nd generation of family ownership, originally started by Russ Morris, SeaWestern is now operated by his son, Steve Morris. The SeaWestern team is here to carry on the same traits, quality, and service that you have come to know and love from the Cascade Fire & Safety team.

You have always been our valued customer, partner and friend and you have entrusted Cascade Fire & Safety to keep you equipped and ready to respond to save property and lives. For that opportunity, we are forever grateful and appreciative.

Mark Merritt and the entire team at Cascade Fire & Safety will join the SeaWestern organization and become the SeaWestern Emergency Vehicles Division. Mark will be the Director of SeaWestern Emergency Vehicles Division, for SeaWestern, and he will lead the division with his existing sales and service team. We will continue to have the Emergency Vehicle division located in Yakima, Washington at our existing location. The relationships that we have spent countless hours building will not be changed, compromised, or diminished in any way. Business will continue as usual, under the same circumstances that you trusted us with from the beginning.

We are thrilled to be joining the SeaWestern family and to continuing our partnership with you during this transition and into the future.

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