A water tender is a specialized firefighting vehicle used by fire departments to transport and supply large quantities of water to firefighting operations. If your department provides services to rural areas or if you serve communities without hydrant systems - you know the value a high quality tender can provide to your department.

Learn more about all of the different types of Tenders that are available from Fouts Bros and KME.

quality tenders from fouts bros

The original 3000 Gallon Tender was the first fire apparatus Fouts Bros ever built. These days, Fouts tender put out fires in every state in the USA. They’re built to withstand the toughest conditions, and their standardized manufacturing processes allow us to sell a 3000 Gallon Tanker at a very competitive price.


The KME Tender sets the standard for efficient water tenders in the safest configurations available today. The unique tank design optimizes the weight distribution of the apparatus while providing a low center of gravity, low travel height and reduced overall length.
Every Tender is custom designed to your department’s specific needs to combine tank capacities up to 4,000 gallons with pump systems to provide a Tanker Pumper combination unit to fulfill your requirements. KME's ergonomic pump operator’s panel design allpw the ability to incorporate the maximum amount of equipment storage on either custom or commercial chassis.