Wildland Brush Trucks

We know your terrain because we’ve been there. At Cascade Fire, we are firefighters, so we know what it takes to get your personnel to the fire line battle and back again.

Cascade delivers power, performance, and durability. From the chassis up, we design and assemble our Wildland apparatus with the highest quality components. Configuration is detailed for each customer’s efficiency and versatility.

Chassis and Compartmentation

Beginning with the chassis, Cascade helps you design ideal placements, size, and function of each cabinet and opening.

Lighting and Electrical

Cascade will maximize your safety, visibility, and appearance. We install full LED systems for warning, ground, scene, and compartment lighting. Patrol power management will handle your heaviest loads with standard voltage spike protection and overload shedding.

Completed Cab Features

Our standard consoles provide in cab control capability. Choose comfort features, lighting and mobile charging stations, interior remote and dual pump control operations are available.

Front End Options

Strengthen and protect your scene entry with custom bumpers and brush guards. Add power with winches and monitors. Cascade engineers your tank in parternship with UPF meeting your weight and load specifications. An integrated foam cell is optional.


We deliver dependability and precisions with dual operation. Our standard single fuel source is designed for convenience and space savings. Choose gas or diesel at the power level you need.

Plumbing, Valves, and Monitors

All manifolds are cut, grooved, threaded, and welded in-house. We use stainless or galvanized plumbing with the kulluk couplings, 10-A hose wheels are mounted to your specification.

Storage and Equipment

Cascade can meet your organizational plan for response efficiency an protection of loose equipment. Custom bracketing without excess weight keeps tools anchored and accessible.

Painting and Striping

Achieve a polished and professional look by pain matching your existing fleet with custom color, striping, lettering, chevrons, and logo applications.

Choose Us

At Cascade Fire and Safety Yakima, we are empowering wildland and rescue crews across the Northwest. Choose our experience and engineering to gain the edge over your terrain.

Meet with us for all of your equipment and apparatus needs.

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